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Learn, develop and grow with us

Employees can grow their career across our diverse business, in our many functional disciplines, and in many geographic regions across Australia and internationally. They are enabled by a network of people, systems, and processes that provide feedback and support as employees explore their further opportunities.

We pride ourselves on offering great career opportunities and developing talent from within, including the future leaders of the business.

Understanding what is expected of you in your current role is every bit as important as recognising and rewarding you for great performance. We provide regular, constructive feedback, both informally and formally through our performance review process in order to help you identify opportunities to apply or learn new skills across the UGL group.


To be successful in business, we believe it's critical to develop the professional skills of our people.

Creating High Performers
Learning and Development is core to UGL’s culture. Promoting a supportive environment which allows our employees' ideas and inspiration to create innovative solutions is part of our philosophy. It is evident in our capabilities and our consistent focus on delivering world class service to our clients. Our employees are involved in solving complex problems through innovative technologies to enhance the lives of people and communities across the countries in which we operate.

On the job
You'll learn much of what you need to know by working with knowledgeable colleagues and receiving regular coaching and feedback. Wherever you join, in whatever capacity, you'll have a wide variety of experiences to enable you to develop skills relevant to your job and provide you with an overview of how our company works.

Professional skills
Specific programs ensure you build expertise in your chosen career. The courses often use e-learning that enables you to learn at your own pace and take control of your development. In some areas you can study for professional qualifications and, as you progress, you'll develop your leadership capabilities.

Personal development
Passion, energy and creative thinking are traits that you'll already have when you join UGL. But equally important is the ability to understand who you are as an individual and what you want to achieve from your career. We offer a whole range of personal development opportunities which can be tailored to your specific goals.


UGL’s vision is supported by our commitment to improving our business capability to support our long-term strategy through understanding the development needs of our people and a strategic focus on succession planning.

Our Talent Review process uses a systematic and rigorous methodology to assess the potential of the company’s leaders every 12 months.

Through the Talent Review process, we identify individuals who have the potential to undertake more complex work or move to a more senior position, and development strategies are tailored to meet their needs. The Talent Review process also highlights individuals who will benefit from development in roles at their current level within the company.


Your progress is important. That's why we invest a lot of time and effort in supporting you to perform well and in building your capabilities.

Our Performance Review framework offers regular, structured feedback so you know exactly how you are progressing. We are passionate about the development of our people and we continually strive to improve our extensive training and development programs.

You’re learning, growth and reward as a UGL employee will be supported by our strong focus on performance management. At UGL, this has two major parts: firstly we align your individual objectives with the goals and objectives of your part of the business; secondly we measure and recognise how effectively you have performed against your objectives and contributed to those goals. This approach enables our businesses to recognise strong individual performance and reward accordingly. Our emphasis on performance management however, isn’t just about the financial reward - a clear set of objectives provides you with a clear focus and direction, giving you a strong sense of engagement with your work and the value that you, personally, add to UGL.

UGL’s Performance Review framework focuses on helping us achieve our vision and creating a performance culture which engages people through:

  • Setting clear expectations linked to business objectives
  • Establishing a framework in which performance is assessed in a fair and objective manner
  • Links rewards and consequences to performance
  • Provides everyone with regular and timely feedback as well as coaching to help improve performance and development objectives for the future.

Managers ensure that their people understand the goals and objectives of their work area and the wider business within which it operates. At the start of each year, managers set performance expectations with each member of their team based on a combination of outcomes and behaviours.

Regular feedback is important to ensure our people understand how they are progressing. In addition, a formal performance review discussion is held at least every six months. These discussions are essential to:

  • Review and assess performance on outcomes and behaviours
  • Review performance expectation, and
  • Identify development opportunities for continuous improvement

Our people have indicated that the opportunity for open and genuine two-way dialogon their performance through the Performance Review framework is valuable and productive.


Wherever possible we fill vacancies through internal recruitment before looking outside. This is an important part of our drive to engage and develop high performing people. Moving across functional and geographical boundaries can help you build new skills, broaden your experience and accelerate your career development. As you will find, the exciting thing about UGL is the variety of opportunities on offer. If you have the drive and determination, it's all here for you.

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