Code of Conduct

UGL strives to achieve the highest standards of behaviour and accountability and requires its directors and employees to be honest in all of their business dealings. Under the Corporate Code of Conduct, officers and employees are required to comply with all laws, avoid actual or potential conflicts of interest, not engage in unethical business practices and refrain from giving or receiving any improper payments, benefits or other gains and provide quality service and good stewardship of assets to all stakeholders.

The UGL Limited (UGL) Code of Conduct outlines key business values, principles and workplace practices required to be embraced and followed by management, contractors and employees of UGL and subsidiaries worldwide.

UGL’s Code of Conduct is underpinned by all relevant international statutory requirements and laws in the countries in which it operates and by other relevant UGL policies.

UGL’s Code of Conduct is summarised as follows:

  • UGL abides by privacy principles and laws in each of its operating countries. Personal and business information is appropriately handled and is only used for business purposes.
  • UGL employees must avoid conflicts of interest where possible and otherwise declare all actual or potential conflicts of interest to his/her Line Manager or Business Unit HR Manager.
  • UGL employees will at all times act legally, ethically, with fairness and integrity and in compliance with the spirit and letter of the applicable laws and regulations wherever they are in the world, as well as with UGL Policies, and certified professional standards or regulations.
  • UGL employees will always use UGL property and equipment for appropriate business purposes and in accordance with UGL Policies.
  • UGL is committed to providing a level of quality ensuring optimal performance of our client’s assets and our own internal processes. Employees are expected to continually improve individual and team processes and systems to ensure these aims are met.
  • UGL aims to provide good stewardship and duty of care to stakeholders in UGL. This is to ensure common company assets are managed and used in an optimal manner.
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