Corporate Governance Practices

Compliance with the ASX Corporate Governance Council Guidelines
This statement outlines the main corporate governance practices in place throughout the financial year, which comply with the ASX Corporate Governance Principles & Recommendations issued in March 2014 (the Guidelines).

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Our Governance Framework

UGL’s overarching purpose is to deliver sustainable growth for its shareholders. Guided by this purpose, we maintain a robust corporate governance framework and are committed to regularly reviewing and refining the framework to ensure high standards of corporate governance are retained.

The following is our corporate governance statement, dated 19 August 2016.

Corporate Governance Statement

Below are number of our documents which support our corporate governance framework.

Boards & Committees

UGL’s Board and Committees play an important role in providing governance and accountability across many areas of our company's activities.

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Code of Conduct

The Code of Business Conduct outlines how we conduct our business activities and guides our people on doing things the right way, wherever we are in the world.

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Code of Ethics

UGL is committed to ensuring ethical business practices are adhered to across the company.

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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility is central to the strategy of our business and is integral in everything we do.

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Corporate Policies

UGL has detailed Corporate Governance policies to ensure the highest standards of governance are applied across the company.

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