Corporate Policies

The Board has approved a number of policies defining UGL’s commitment to corporate governance.

Policies and procedures which are relevant to UGL’s corporate governance practices are set out below.

Appointment of Directors to the Board
Trading in Securities Policy


Details UGL’s requirements for confidentiality agreements where UGL is a discloser or receiver of confidential information.

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Conflict of Interest

Policy on the reporting and handling of actual or potential conflicts of interest.

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UGL recognises environmental conservation is critical to the community. Our Environmental Policy outlines how we manage our operations in an environmentally responsible way.

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Finance Leadership and Integrity

This policy outlines our CFO and senior finance officers’ role in our financial performance.

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Global Fraud & Anti-Bribery

The purpose of this policy is to outline the processes for preventing and managing fraud and bribery.

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Health & Safety

UGL recognises its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees, clients, subcontractors, vendors and visitors at all UGL workplaces.

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Shareholder Communication

The purpose of this policy is to assist UGL to maintain best practice in its communications with its shareholders.

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UGL company policy on the reporting and handling of any improper conduct such as unethical, unlawful or undesirable conduct and our response to whistleblowers.

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