Key drivers for the Integra Platform

This state-of-the art, user-friendly and innovative UGL system is designed to streamline control and operations management so that you can work with confidence. 

Integra® provides control room operators with fast system response times, uptime performance, stability, security and long-term locally based technical support.

At UGL, we provide continual product investment and local engineering groups, enabling you to get the most out of Integra now, and adapting the platform as you scale and expand in the future. 

Improve operational effectiveness

Create content that is information rich to enable operations to make informed decisions.

Cutting edge hosting platforms

Based on the best in the market, best for project solutions catered to handle the required availability, and downtime targets of mission critical systems.

Real-time response (CoS) and granular monitoring

Based on an architecture that allows < 1s (or sub-second) response times to field changes where the end device/ protocol supports the framework.

Open BIS ecosystem connectivity

The BIS interfaces use stock standard APIs to develop plugin’s to the management infrastructure.

IoT enabled platform

That enables a dashboard view and incorporate AI.

Mobile platform

That enables support for mobile solutions.

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