How UGL keeps Australia moving

December 15, 2020
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations and Maintenance

Every day, people across Australia get up and get moving with their daily activities. What everyone may not realise is that UGL is probably involved in some way.

Power, mining and water

Heaters and showers are often powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). If you’re in Queensland they could be fuelled from a number of LNG facilities serviced by UGL. Additionally, the water being used in the shower could have come from a water treatment plant UGL has worked on.

When switching on lights, we depend on a reliable power source. UGL’s Power team ensures a safe and steady power supply by performing installation and maintenance on substations and transmission lines for our clients.

Moreover, the power itself could have come from one of UGL’s renewable power projects, or been created in one of the power stations where UGL’s Resources team provides shutdown and maintenance services. There’s a good chance these power stations could be fuelled by coal from one of the mines where UGL’s Mining team provides services.


A portion of your breakfast may have travelled at some point on freight rail. UGL is one of Australia's leading freight locomotive manufacturers and maintains freight fleets across the country.

Pacific National freight train outside UGL Broadmeadow workshop

The UGL Broadmeadow site in New South Wales manufactures and maintains locomotives.

Public transport

Do you travel on public transport in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane or Canberra? Through CIMIC Group’s investments and partnerships, UGL provides maintenance and operations in each of these capital cities.

Light rail vehicles lined up photo taken from above

UGL, CPB Contractors and Pacific Partnerships, as part of the Canberra Metro consortium, delivered stage one of Canberra's light rail project for the ACT Government.


Brisbane’s Clem7 tunnel allows motorists to bypass up to 24 sets of traffic lights. UGL was engaged to design and construct the tunnel’s mechanical and electrical services, including the control and communications system.

Entrance to CLEM7 tunnel road with curved walls2 men wearing orange PPE vests, standing in front of a large screen that is showing the tunnel systems

UGL was the principal mechanical and electrical engineering contractor for the Clem7 tunnel in Brisbane, Queensland. UGL delivered one of the largest and most complex control and communications systems in Australia.


If you’re near the coast you might spot an Australian Navy vessel. UGL provides maintenance on the Navy’s Helicopter Landing Craft and the ANZAC class frigates in Perth and Sydney. UGL is one of only four Australian contractors pre-qualified to provide ship refit and repair services for both the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and United States Navy.

HMAS Adelaide in the ocean passing land in the distance

UGL provides a diverse range of services in a wide variety of sectors, right across the country. The next time you’re going about your day, have a think about the many ways UGL may have been involved.

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