Harnessing the Sun: UGL's success story with Tailem Bend Solar Farms

November 10, 2023
  • Construction and commissioning
  • Engineering design

In 2018, UGL was entrusted with a significant undertaking by Vena Energy - the construction and maintenance of the Tailem Bend 1 Solar Farm in South Australia. The project marked an important milestone in Australia’s pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. With construction initiated in early 2018 and power generation to the grid achieved in 2019; the Tailem Bend 1 Solar Farm became a shining example of UGL’s engineering prowess and commitment to renewable energy.

UGL’s involvement in the Tailem Bend 2 Solar Farm project covered the entire project lifecycle. The team undertook the critical roles of engineering, procurement, and construction, including the associated substation. This comprehensive approach ensured seamless integration into the existing electricity network. With a combined 610,000 solar panels spread across Tailem Bend 1 and 2 sites, the farms now contribute an impressive 180 megawatts of power to the grid.

“The Project’s success was due to the great collaboration of our commissioning crew and the support of our Project and Construction Manager. We’re happy to be part of this Project, and the contribution it makes to the transition to clean energy.” Ravneel Gounder, UGL’s Regional Commissioning Manager NSW/VIC.


The team on the Project peaked at 255 individuals during the construction phase of Tailem Bend Stage 1. For Tailem Bend Stage 2, the UGL team consisted of 96 during construction. Currently, the streamlined team of just six professionals remains on site for operations and maintenance upkeep, effectively managing both sites.

“Tailem Bend has been a fantastic Project to work on with our client @Vena Energy. The team has delivered a quality asset to the O&M team who will initially operate it and continue to deliver a high level of maintenance and performance.” @Matthew Stone, @UGL Operations and Maintenance.

The Tailem Bend Solar Farms stand as a testament to UGL’s proficiency in executing large scale renewable energy projects.

Working on both Tailem Bend Stages, 1 and 2, has been a real highlight of my career. The team bonded well and produced an amazing Project that we're all proud of. I couldn't be more pleased to see all our hard work come to fruition." David Thomas, UGL Project Manager.

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