Empowering growth at UGL: Alyce’s first year as an electrician

Marking her first year at UGL, Alyce is an electrician on the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project. She has enjoyed collaborating with mentors and apprentices, helping her increase her role-related knowledge.

Tell me about your journey with UGL

“I completed my apprenticeship in Adelaide where I was born and raised then moved for the role with UGL a year ago, as I knew it would be a great experience. I started in construction and then moved into the termination crew. I am on the quality assurance (QA) team and my role involves several terminations on the job each day. I am testing cables, making sure they are terminated correctly, and that the right equipment has been used to get the job done. Then testing the cable to make sure that its continuous and there is no damage to it.

“I check the plans to understand what is identified to be terminated is supposed to be terminated so that it’s going to and from the correct equipment. QA is exactly what the title stands for, making sure its quality and if not rectifying it. I like being on QA, it’s interesting, I have learnt a lot in this role.”

What project are you currently working on?

“I am in Sydney working on the new Sydney Metro Pitt Street Station which is in the heart of the CBD. Prior to that I worked at Central Station on the station upgrade. It’s a massive job here in Sydney.”

In your role have you had mentors or been a mentor?

“When I was doing construction work, I did work with a couple of apprentices I mentored, I absolutely loved it. I believe that it’s important to support apprentices. I had plenty of tradesmen and women I looked up to when I was an apprentice, it really helps knowing you have that support. There are people I look up to who have been in the industry longer than me, they have the experience to guide me. There are a lot of people at UGL who are happy to help and answer any questions I have.”

What skills have you acquired while at UGL?

“Doing this QA role, I have learnt more about testing and commissioning. With any role, you must know what you are doing and that it’s important to take the time, making sure you are reading the drawings correctly and checking things twice.

“In my time at UGL, I have grown my skill set in testing, looking at plans, diagrams and schematics which is integral in my role. There is always room to grow. One of my best skills is people skills. I am happiest when I am passing my knowledge onto someone else.”

What do you think makes UGL a great place to work?

“They employ a wide range of people, it’s a very inclusive environment. There are a couple of girls on this job with me which is fantastic. There are a lot of trades assistants who are also on the project which is great for their experience. All the management team are very helpful answering questions and taking the time to share their knowledge.”

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Employee benefits

At UGL we value our people and provide a range of benefits to help you look after yourself and your family as you build a rewarding career with us. We continually develop our benefits program to ensure it stays relevant to our people. 

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