Inspiring trailblazers at UGL

Jessica Nikolajew has been with UGL for five years as an operator maintainer on the decommissioned platforms for the Care and Preservation contract UGL have at our client’s Gippsland oil and gas operations in the Bass Strait. Her role involves a myriad of tasks, and she happily shares her expertise with trainees.


What does your role entail?

“My role involves the actions of a mini shutdown on the decommissioned platforms, there is wide range of work that is required to be completed and I look after the issuing of permits to various work groups. I also get hands on with maintenance on fault finding systems to ensure all work is completed safely and correct.”


In your role have you been mentored or mentored others?

“I have had a few trainees that I have looked after. I have guided them through procedures while they are on the platform, showing them what steps are required to complete a task correctly and help develop their skillset.”


Have you been part of any innovations?

“The decommissioning project is the first of its kind in Australia to be completed. Everything we are doing is innovative, we are finding the best way to execute each task and job. As a team we are having to evolve and adapt constantly to ensure we are maintaining a safe environment for people to do their work. As a team, there is a lot of time spent brainstorming into task completion, you can’t make assumptions. We are setting the standards for future projects as we evolve through each process, because we constantly finding better and a safer way to achieve a favourable outcome.”


What do you think makes UGL a great company to work for?

“The team. There is a large amount of encouragement for collaboration around how we can, as a team, make each job better. The team at UGL are amazing, having your input to a project recognised and applied, shows they are a supportive team to work for. Having a happy, healthy environment is important to the smooth running of the project.”

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