Sally Anderson - Mechanical Project Engineer, 2017 CIMIC Group graduate cohort

Sally Anderson is a mechanical project engineer on a water construction site at UGL. In the last 2 years she has been involved in the construction of 12 structures and 8 buildings.

"The big thing with UGL is I don’t think I’d have gained the skills and knowledge from any other company in such a short period of time as I have done here.”

Her current typical day includes testing, starting the equipment up for the first time, ensuring quality documents are in place, and making sure everything is in order before handing over to the client.

“My first 2 rotations were up in Darwin as a fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) graduate engineer in the commissioning team. I loved the Northern Territory, and it was an amazing job. I spent the weekends exploring, it was just an extraordinary place to live.”

How did you transition into your permanent role?

“About 5 months into my last rotation I knew I wanted to stay where I was and take on more responsibility, so I worked closely with UGL and the General Manager of Engineering, completed all necessary training and development that is part of the graduate program and secured a permanent position.”

Do you have any advice for our graduates?

“Push yourself. I’ve always asked for extra work, what I can do more or how to go above and beyond, and I think that made a difference to help me rise up in my role so quickly.”

Sally Anderson
“I felt there was fantastic support, and UGL puts in a lot of investment into its graduates.”

What do you like most about UGL?

“I like the challenge. UGL supports young engineers and pushes them to achieve, they will take a chance with someone who’s young with good knowledge and enthusiasm. UGL has experienced people on hand across the business as a resource to go to when you need that extra help.” 

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