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Diversity creates new values

At UGL, we know that our clients and stakeholders expect us to embrace diversity and inclusion.

As a diverse company, we believe that by valuing the differences among us we establish a platform for creativity, innovation and problem solving, ultimately delivering superior business results.

UGL’s commitment to diversity begins with the Board of Directors and is reflected throughout the company. With a workforce of more than 7,000 people across 5 countries, leveraging and developing the diverse ideas and breadth of experience of our people is one of our greatest competitive advantages. A diverse workforce is more adaptable to change, more innovative and more open to new ideas.

Every manager is responsible for creating a workplace that is supportive of all employees and allows them the opportunity to succeed to the full extent of their potential. Managers must educate themselves about diversity and combine that knowledge with good management practices to ensure excellence in recruiting, developing, promoting and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce.

We try hard to ensure our selection and assessment processes are free from bias and that UGL offers everyone access to opportunity. We also provide managers and employees’ practical guidance and education that will help them share and promote our approach to equity and diversity. We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination in our workplaces.

UGL’s comprehensive efforts to foster equity and diversity enable the company to:

  • Attract, develop, support, and retain a world-class workforce well-equipped to meet the challenges of the future
  • Offer employees an engaging work environment that presents each person with opportunities to attain his or her full potential
  • Generate global, cross-cultural understanding and innovative thinking that can be relied upon by UGL’s client base
  • Establish effective relationships with business and joint venture and alliance partners, as well as facilitate the successful integration of mergers and acquisitions
  • Expand opportunities for a broad range of businesses in an extensive network of goods and services suppliers
  • Have a positive impact on the quality of life through the company’s support of education, health, and human resources programs in the communities where UGL’s employees live and work

UGL’s continuous dedication to equity and diversity provides a key competitive advantage for the company's long-term success.

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