Shailee Shukal

Shailee is an electrical engineer in UGL’s project team for Rail Technology and Systems (RTS) and a member of our 2022 CIMIC Group Graduate Program cohort.

She graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering at Charusat University in India.

What made you choose the CIMIC Group graduate program?

“The program would provide me access to a variety of engineering functions, I have electrical engineering background, so being able to work with both software and hardware used for train control system design was a perfect opportunity for me to be part of.”

Where was your first rotation?

“Both of my rotations have been within the RTS team in Melbourne. I have been able to rotate between different departments within RTS which has helped build my knowledge. I initially started with system assurance, rotated to Signalling, and I am now working on Train Control Systems.”

What have you enjoyed most with your rotations?

“It has been exciting to work within RTS. The learnings gained by rotations helped me the build foundational knowledge in Signalling, Train Control Systems and System Assurance making it all line up together. When it lines up, I feel incredibly happy as I know I contributed to that which makes me feel more confident and empowered.”

Did you have mentors along your journey?

“I have been mentored by different people throughout the course of the grad program which has been a great source of help. I feel I have been guided by the right people who are supportive of my role.”

Any advice for our new graduates?

“Just be yourself! In my interview, I was myself and honest about what experience I would bring to the table. With the program I have been extremely fortunate, and I am grateful to the people who have mentored me throughout this initiative, it’s a fantastic opportunity. You are allowed to make some mistakes because you learn from them and this has been the best thing the graduate program has taught me, and I will carry that forward for my entire life."

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