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How We Operate

Our Corporate Governance Framework provides the foundations to ensure UGL has the proper policies, procedures and controls in place to operate in a legal, ethical and responsible manner. This framework sets out the mandatory policies which form the foundation of local policies and practices for all businesses.

UGL is committed to working within the laws and regulations of all the countries in which we operate. In the absence of adequate laws and regulations, we will adopt recognised international standards of best practice and promote these in our business operations.

Our commitment to setting the highest standards for responsible business practice is underpinned by a global framework of policies and measures and is implicit in our Vision & Values, our Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics and our Corporate Policies.

The management structure of the Company sets out clear roles, accountabilities and levels of authority within our overall corporate governance framework.

We have a highly experienced Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team. The Board of Directors sets the company’s strategy and policies, and monitors progress towards meeting our objectives. This includes regular reviews of financial performance and critical business issues. The Executive Leadership Team combines functional and operational expertise in managing the performance of the business to meet our strategic and financial goals.

Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance is a fundamental part of our culture and our business practices.

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At UGL we are committed to delivering projects and services which are recognised globally by their innovation and quality. 

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