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Investing in our people

Delivering sustainable growth is only achieved through the efforts of a talented and committed workforce.

We provide our people with the rewards, feedback and training needed to reach their potential. This is an investment in their future and ours.


At UGL, we are committed to supporting the career development of our people through continuous learning. Through our learning and development platform we provide opportunities for our people to develop new skills and experiences, helping them to achieve their career goals.

For our people to thrive, we must continue to provide a supportive and empowering workplace, a working environment that is conducive to development and career growth. This includes giving our people the opportunity to learn and grow professionally through regular training and proven career development tools, as well as the transfer of best practices, knowledge and technology across our businesses.

We know that our future success relies on recruiting, developing and training both our new and longstanding employees. Our investment in our professional development and technical training programs allows us to nurture the next generation of talent by ensuring our people are well equipped to meet the challenges which arise at different stages of their careers.

We have implemented development programs which assist in identifying and developing current and future leaders within our businesses. As part of our succession planning, we continually review and recommend for promotion, employees who show exceptional leadership qualities and strong performance.

Attracting and developing young talent is also a priority for our company. We continue to develop new ways to work more closely with education bodies to attract young people. We work with schools to promote engineering and technology subjects at an early age, and partner with universities to promote our graduate opportunities and identify talented people.

A Rewarding Environment

Providing competitive pay and benefits is essential to attract and retain talented employees.

Remuneration plays a key role in retaining, motivating and attracting employees. At UGL, we believe successful employees should be recognised for their contribution to the business to reinforce a culture of high performance.

Our approach to remuneration encourages strong performance, profit-sharing, fairness and transparency in pay decisions, and ensuring a balance between basic and performance-related pay. We offer competitive pay and benefits in every country in which we operate.

For details on the remuneration of members of the Board of Directors and the Group Executive Committee, please refer to the Directors’ Report section of our latest Annual Report.

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