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Арван хоёрдугаар сар 03, 2021
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Cameron Couper, 1st-year Electrical Apprentice improved the safety of his worksite by designing and building a lifting jig to reduce the manual handling and potential for a crush injury when moving a heavy motor coil.

In the area of the workshop that Cameron works, a traction motor coil is moved around, from the bench and onto pallets for transport. Weighing 80kg and measuring 500mm by 300mm, the traction motor coil can be cumbersome to handle. The previous work method for moving the coil was to manually handle half of the weight and slip a soft sling around the coil. It was then lifted by an overhead crane. 

Cameron identified that there had to be a better way to do the job at hand. He sought out a solution to improve the safety of his team. In his own time, Cameron designed a specialised lifting jig that utilised existing studs, sourced the materials and welded the jig. The completed jig was then presented to his manager to be engineer certified, tested, and tagged.

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