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Гуравдугаар сар 15, 2022
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Starting at UGL in 1999 as a Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Matthew Karunakaran first worked on the M5 East Tunnel project. 22 years later, he is now UGL’s Head of Engineering, Mechanical for the Major Projects line of business.
“As a young engineer, it was truly exhilarating, to be able to see a large iconic project from the very start. Doing concept design through to commissioning those very design outcomes, to watching the first cars roll through the tunnel. The sense of achievement and growth along the journey was immense, and from then on, I was hooked on these types of turnkey projects.”
Throughout his career, he has been fortunate to have worked on transformational road and rail infrastructure projects in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

 “I have always believed in the saying that learning is a lifelong journey. I have been constantly learning new things throughout my career, and there are still aspects of engineering and our business, that I am learning about. This keeps me interested and motivated.”
Eastern Distributor fan vent room 2004 - 6 people standing

Giving back

He is excited to be able to give back to the engineering community, and guide and mentor new and younger engineers. Similar to how senior engineers and managers have mentored him along the way.

Matthew says the ability to work with UGL’s extensive and experienced design, construction, and commissioning teams truly allows for the engineering of solutions, that are ultimately larger and more comprehensive than the sum of us.

“The sheer diversity of what we do at UGL in the engineering and projects space is truly impressive and intriguing.”

Matthew is proud that UGL is one of the only companies that can truly provide end to end engineering ability – with the ability to be involved from the tender, performing core design to IFC, through construction to final commissioning and handover.

Keeping busy

“Those who know me well enough, know my affinity for sub-1.5 tonne machines, (ideally) fitted with four off, low profile tyres that can pick up speed swiftly. What is even more interesting, is the unofficial thermodynamic study into balancing increased boost, with intercooling and fuelling requirements, while maintaining good spool up and keeping the engine internals happy. Not to be confused with modding, of course.”

“To balance the Ying with the Yang, I am also an avid gardener. This past summer, I focussed on reviving some beds of petunias, azaleas, hollyhocks and ranunculus. It is also a shared interest with my son, while I am digging up soil to aerate and fertilise, he is busy digging up soil to find earthworms…”

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