Elvira Metiljevic

Elvira joined UGL in 2006 as a graduate engineer within the graduate program. Ticking over 16 years this year she has been able to work on some of UGL’s most iconic projects.

“The best thing about my job is definitely working on the various projects that I’ve been given! It’s been a very exciting career with UGL which I feel very privileged to have experienced.”

Elvira began her UGL journey on the Lane Cove Tunnel project, continuing onto others including:

  • Digital Train Radio Systems (DTRS)
  • Sydney Metro North West (SMNW) stage 1, and
  • Sydney Metro stage 2
“One of my favourite projects was the SMNW as this was the first project where I experienced the full lifecycle, from design all the way through to commissioning”

Elvira has now joined the team to start the road tunnel on the M6 stage 1 where she is the design manager for mechanical, fire and combined services packages for the project.

“The second best thing about working at UGL is the people that I work with. There’s a whole grade of engineers that we have; and with the new graduates that come, which I’ve had in my team at times, it’s been such a privilege to watch them grow and see the growing pool of expertise and quality of engineers that UGL has.”

Supportive network

“Throughout my career I’ve had the absolute best support from my design managers all the way up to the head of engineering. They have mentored me, sponsored me, and supported me to help me achieve my goals.”

Elvira was nominated to be part of UGL’s Emerging Female Leaders program and more recently, UGL’s female talent sponsorship program as part of the Women@UGL initiative. Sponsorship involves the active and deliberate use of leaders, networks, resources, social capital and influence to facilitate the development and careers on behalf of women at UGL. 

Love for engineering

“Engineering is a demanding job, but I’m passionate about it and I love what I do! I got into engineering because I love to see how things work – break them down and understand it.

“I feel fortunate that I am part of a company where there is such huge potential, there’s great support and they will guide and advocate you throughout your career.

“At UGL I have been able to experience all the different cycles within a project – going from dealing with design, being in a design office, and then taking that through to procurement. I’ve had opportunities to witness testing in China, Spain and Germany, and then seeing that being built; seeing the final product that started on paper to being real life onsite, then obviously testing that and demonstrating that the design numbers that were calculated are actually what you’re getting onsite.

“We always achieve what we need to in the end. It’s been a very exciting career at UGL so far!”

UGL Finance team

Employee benefits

At UGL we value our people and provide a range of benefits to help you look after yourself and your family as you build a rewarding career with us. We continually develop our benefits program to ensure it stays relevant to our people. 


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