Kate Leone

Kate graduated from UTS three years ago with a degree in mechanical and mechatronics engineering and worked on some great projects prior to joining UGL in February 2021, but she was keen to be part of something bigger.

“I was wanting exposure to larger scale projects with more detailed engineering processes where I’d be able to get involved in project management”

My graduate journey

“My first rotation at UGL was on the Sydney Metro project, specifically on the radio system – planning and conducting testing. I was involved in the daily operations and maintenance of the metro radios and PA system, it was exciting and hands on!”

For her second rotation, Kate joined the team on the M6 Stage 1 project.

“I’m now involved in managing the design for the emergency telephone system in the M6 Stage 1 tunnel. This has been a great learning experience so far and a great amount of responsibility.

“It has been a great opportunity to see an entire project from the start as I began at the DCD (developed concept design) phase, and I’ll get to see it through to procurement, testing and commissioning.”

Why I chose UGL

“With CIMIC Group, there is just such a diversity of projects and opportunities within the different companies that you can be exposed to. I particularly liked some of the work that UGL was doing, especially in the renewables space; working on advanced technologies and the implementation into their projects; I really wanted to be involved in a company that was at the forefront of trying out these new technologies. 

“They are involved in these large projects that actually change the landscape of Australia.”

Support and development

“I’m grateful for the support that’s given throughout the graduate program. As well as on-the-job training and structured learning days for all the graduates, the leaders really take the time to support your growth. I received consistent one-on-one time that was really beneficial to me understanding, not only the technical aspects of engineering projects, but how UGL runs as a company.

“I get exposed to areas that I never would have done had I chosen another, smaller company. I learn from other teams through ‘lunch and learns’, or teams that work in parallel to mine, for example the controls team.”

My advice for graduates

“With any program like this, you’ve already done a lot of work to get here, so don’t give up that drive! There are so many opportunities available to you at UGL, if you want something you have to go for it. You will find plenty of people at UGL will help you if you are willing to voice what you want and visualise how to get there.”

UGL Finance team

Employee benefits

At UGL we value our people and provide a range of benefits to help you look after yourself and your family as you build a rewarding career with us. We continually develop our benefits program to ensure it stays relevant to our people. 

Unite with the very best

At any stage in your career, UGL provides scope to work with, and learn from, the best. We create pathways for you to succeed, and we create the space for you to carve your own journey. Come work with the very best. 


Tailem bend solar farm team
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