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Our Communities

We have a long heritage of community involvement not only through the essential services we provide, but also through our community programs and local initiatives. We encourage and support our people in contributing to their communities.

Local engagement in the communities where we do business has been a key driver of UGL’s sustained success.

With a goal of sustainable improvement, we are focused on contributing to innovative projects and initiatives that leave a positive legacy in our communities of operation. We do this through:

  • Creating economic and educational opportunities, particularly for people who are economically disadvantaged
  • Supporting local cultural, social or community projects
  • Supporting community projects in which UGL employees are engaged as volunteers
  • Helping to protect and preserve the local environment
Encouraging employee engagement

Countless UGL employees are engaged in volunteer work in their local communities, offering their skills, time and energy to community and social service programs, health organisations and schools. UGL supports this involvement wherever possible.

We encourage and, whenever possible, assist employees who want to be actively involved in their communities, while leaving it entirely up to our employees to decide what sort of volunteer service they wish to perform. UGL also supports employee community service by offering employees flexible work schedules and allowing them to take time off for volunteer work.

UGL and our employees also support a range of causes through donations, where employee contributions to approved initiatives are matched dollar-for-dollar by UGL.

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