Corporate Governance Practices

Compliance with the ASX Corporate Governance Council Guidelines

This statement outlines the main corporate governance practices in place throughout the financial year, which comply with the ASX Corporate Governance Principles & Recommendations with 2010 Amendments (the Guidelines).

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Our Partners

From the world-class technology we are able to bring to our clients, to the innovative solutions we are able to develop by collaborating with global industry specialists, to leveraging an international supply chain, UGL has always recognised the value created through partnership. It is through fostering these partnerships that we are also able to contribute to creating a sustainable future by tackling the broader social, economic and environmental challenges together.

UGL uses a fair, impartial and transparent process when selecting suppliers and contractors. We provide a wide variety of opportunities for other companies to do business with us, regardless of their nationality, size or history with us.

All of UGL's suppliers are important business partners for the company. We strive to work closely with our suppliers to develop co-operative, effective relationships which ensure a high quality, cost effective and timely supply chain.

We make every effort to maintain the highest standards of impartiality and fairness in the selection of our suppliers and contractors as well as our business transactions with them, promoting responsible business practices across our entire supply chain. As well as maintaining close communication in our day-to-day dealings, we also listen to their ideas through regular direct meetings, checking and improving our business practices from an external perspective.

Supporting local communities
Consistent with our commitment to contributing to projects and initiatives that leave a positive legacy in our communities of operation, we maintain a commitment to sourcing from local suppliers where possible. 

Typically, around 75% of UGL’s procurement, for our Australian operations is sourced from an Australian supplier.

Our Business Partners

UGL recognises the complex challenges faced by society in a rapidly developing world.

Our business partners bring specific expertise including unique technology, process knowledge and skill sets, which combined with UGL’s experience and capabilities, help us to deliver innovative long-term solutions to sustainability challenges in our local communities and the operations in which we work.

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