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  • UGL provides end-to-end outsourced engineering, construction, asset management and maintenance services with a diversified end-market exposure across the core sectors of rail, transport & technology systems, power, resources, water and defence.

  • UGL’s engineering operations provide innovative and sustainable technology-based solutions to optimise the value and performance of our clients’ operating assets across multiple sectors.

  • UGL provides structural steel detailing and 3D modelling services to the resources, industrial and commercial sectors, assisting across all phases of projects.

  • UGL is ideally placed for fabrication delivery utilising in-house workshop capabilities and partnering with external facilities to provide the optimal solution for any situation. We can make use of our established international supply chain network to minimise both costs and delivery time.

  • Safe, efficient, cost effective motor overhauls.

    You can be assured of getting your assets back to work as quickly as possible through the completion of electrical overhauls and services.

  • Outstanding flexibility and performance that maximises operational effectiveness.

    UGL’s C44ACi is the latest generation of high performance diesel electric locomotive developed with a focus on operational requirements and varying track conditions throughout Australia. In collaboration with technology partner, GE Transportation, UGL has produced a 4,500 GHP AC locomotive solution that can be configured to suit a wide range of haulage requirements. This flexibility of design allows for both heavy haul and high speed freight operation and is considered to be a major attribute of the locomotive.

  • Proving its possible to save both money and the environment.

    In Australia, GE’s Evolution Series Locomotive brings advanced locomotive technology to the energy-intensive mining industry. The Evolution locomotive is the most technologically advanced, diesel-electric, heavy-haul locomotive in the world today. The GEVO 12-cylinder engine produces the same horsepower as its 16-cylinder predecessor and it does so using less fuel and producing fewer emissions than prior models. This new generation of locomotive proves it is possible to reduce locomotive life cycle costs while meeting U.S. EPA Tier 2 emissions requirements.

  • PowerHaul Series — UGL & GE’s most technologically advanced locomotive.

    The PowerHaul Series (PH37ACmai) is UGL & GE’s most technologically advanced, fuel efficient and low emissions diesel electric freight locomotive to date. The PowerHaul Series also represents an important part of UGL’s vision of providing the most efficient railroad technologies to our clients.

  • EcoRunTM is a locomotive performance system used to minimise energy consumption by advising the driver on the optimum power notch setting and live reporting of energy use.

    EcoRunTM is an innovative product developed by UGL which is unique to the Australian rail market in its support of locomotive operator performance while improving both their cost and environmental performance. Developed by UGL engineers, EcoRunTM can be fitted to any class of locomotive to assist the driver in obtaining optimum efficiency on all routes across Australia.

  • Traper2TM is a train simulation software package that provides a powerful, cost effective tool for modelling train operations, ranging from simple haulage tasks through to multiple interactive journeys.

  • Single deck diesel multiple unit - Comfort, safety, versatility and cost effectiveness

    The single-deck railcar effectively combines the versatility and cost-effectiveness of its DMU class with a high level of passenger comfort and safety.

  • Double deck electric multiple unit | Enhanced passenger safety and comfort
    The Oscar is another example of UGL’s successful 30-year partnership with the NSW Government

    The trains consist of four vehicles each, comprising two control trailer cars and two motor cars - one of which has toilet facilities. Running as four or eight car-sets as determined by NSW Trains, 220 Oscar cars were built. The strong focus on the Oscar interior design means passenger safety, security and comfort have been placed at the top of the agenda. Oscar features include reversible seating, fully ducted air-conditioning, and modern toilet facilities with disabled access, an emergency passenger intercom system and advanced passenger information displays.

  • Single car electric powered | Increased passenger capacity and enhanced environmental control
    The vehicles are electrically powered, single cars that operate via an overhead 750 volt DC system.

    UGL supplied 22 LRVs to MTR Corporation as part of its phase four expansion project. Previously, UGL supplied 20 vehicles to MTR Corporation in phase three of the project. The new fleet of vehicles featured a  revised crew cab and new interior design and layout, a new CCTV system for enhanced passenger safety, a new passenger information system, and an upgraded air conditioning system with a higher flow rate.

  • Luxury high speed diesel multiple unit
    A national standard for fast, safe and comfortable rail travel

    This high speed train was commissioned by the Western Australian Government Railways Commission (TransWA) to service the Perth to Kalgoorlie line.

  • SigMap™ is used to connect different signalling and train control systems together, supporting multiple protocols simultaneously and where needed, transposing data between the different connections using a high level based language.

  • SigView™ is a modern UGL train control system currently in use on over 300 km’s of metropolitan and regional train networks around Australia and South East Asia.

  • UGL’s industry leading Joint Venture with Indian based Texmaco, provides cost effective, high quality, high precision, steel fabricated components for industrial and equipment manufacturers.

    Established in 2010, the JV combines the strength and experience of two engineering powerhouses and offers clients the flexibility to fabricate a wide variety of innovative solutions across multiple sectors.

  • World class maintenance, component overhaul and supply.

    UGL Unipart Rail Services Pty Ltd was founded in December 2011 as a joint venture between UGL (Australia) and Unipart Rail (UK). The Joint Venture was formed following the successful bid and tender for the Sydney Trains (RailCorp) Level 3 maintenance contract to provide heavy maintenance and supply chain services to 1,050 passenger cars for Sydney’s metropolitan fleet.

  • Long term partners, delivering cost effective sustainment solutions to ANZAC Class Frigates.

    Naval Ship Management (Australia) Pty. Ltd. is a Joint Venture between UGL and Babcock, established to execute the ANZAC Class Group Maintenance Contract (GMC Group 3).

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