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Our vision for reconciliation

UGL’s vision is to play a part in creating a better tomorrow for Indigenous Australians so that they may fully participate in, and benefit from, the advantages enjoyed by all Australians.

Our involvement in large scale projects located in or close to Indigenous Australian communities provides us with a unique opportunity to partner with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) communities and make a meaningful contribution to the process of reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

As a diverse company with operations in 7 countries across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, we embrace and promote the diversity of our  people, recognising the valuable contribution this brings to UGL. Consistent with this approach, we recognise the importance of increasing the representation of Indigenous Australians across all areas of our business operations.

Like creating a vision for a long term development project, we started by imagining how the sectors and industries in which we operate might look in 2020 with more Indigenous engineers, draftspersons, designers,  tradespersons, facilities managers and executive leaders, for example, and the steps that would be required to make this happen.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) provides an innovative platform to more effectively partner with local communities, Indigenous organisations and governments to develop holistic solutions that address Australia’s objectives to close the gap in life expectancy, health, housing, education and employment for Indigenous Australians.

UGL’s previous experience working alongside Indigenous Australian communities and engaging with these communities to provide local employment and training opportunities has provided us with a solid foundation on which to build. We are committed to improving the economic independence of Indigenous Australians and  our RAP provides one of the key steps in this journey.

Our RAP outlines our long-term commitment to contributing the necessary resources from across the entire company to implement new initiatives aimed at improving the lives of Indigenous Australians. This includes increasing awareness and engagement with our staff on Indigenous issues within the company, building commercial partnerships with Indigenous businesses and widening our talent pool of Indigenous Australians.

UGL understands the challenges of achieving the objectives of reconciliation. As such, we recognise this requires new and innovative approaches to doing business and above all a commitment from our people to make a positive contribution on the journey to reconciliation. This RAP contains the roadmap that will guide UGL and our people in making a significant contribution to the advancement of reconciliation in Australia.

This RAP has also had the benefit of the collaboration with Indigenous Consultants, a number of Indigenous community leaders, and Reconciliation Australia. We owe them our sincere thanks, as they have been very generous with their time, providing honest feedback and sharing lessons learned.

We know we won’t get it all right in this first RAP and that we must be pragmatic, however we are committed to working towards achieving outcomes and making the change. This is a long term investment in the future of our company, in our communities, and in Australia.

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