Mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for essential industries in Western Australia(WA)

The Western Australian State Government has announced mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirements for workers in the mining and resources industries and port workers. This includes FIFO and local workers. The following is based on information provided by the WA Government. UGL will provide further advice should there be changes to Public Health Orders. 

Who does this apply to? 
Directions apply to all employees and contractors who are site-located or interact face-to-face with site-located employees in the above industries in Western Australia. WA State Government Directions for WA mining and resources site-workers have not been released at this stage, but you can find WA State Government directions for Port Workers here. We will provide details of the directions for mining and resources workers when they become available.

By when do I need to be vaccinated?
Port workers who access an exposed vessel, carry out a service in connection with an exposed vessel, including rubbish collection, or interact with crew, are required to have, and provide evidence of, their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination by 12.01am, 15 October 2021 and be fully vaccinated by 12.01am, 12 November 2021. For more information click here

Workers on Western Australian mining and resources sites are required to have, and provide evidence of, at least their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination by 12.01am, 1 December 2021 and be fully vaccinated by 12.01am, 1 January 2022. For more information click here.

How can I book vaccine appointments? 
All COVID-19 vaccines are FREE, and it is easy to book an appointment with a metropolitan or regional vaccination clinic. If eligible, you can make a booking with participating GP or GP respiratory clinics, pharmacies, or Aboriginal Medical Services. 

For vaccine appointments in WA visit COVID-19 vaccine - Healthy WA or call 13 COVID (13 268 43) to make a booking. 

How do I provide evidence of my vaccination status? 
If you are vaccinated, complete the COVID-19 Vaccination Declaration Form and provide the form to your direct Manager/Supervisor along with a copy of your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate. If you have received one dose of the vaccine, you should complete and return the Declaration Form, and once you receive your second dose you should complete and return a second Declaration Form.

How can I retrieve my vaccination records from MyGov?
When you have received a COVID-19 vaccination, a record will be added to your MyGov account. Individual immunisation history statements can be downloaded from MyGov as a pdf that can be kept on a smart phone and/or printed. For instructions on how to do this click here.

Records are also available in your Medicare account via Express Plus Medicare app. To do this you will need to link your myGov account to Medicare. Digital certificates can also be saved to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay. 

UGL record keeping 
UGL respects  the privacy of our employees and will hold and disclose the information as required by law including state government direction. Records will be treated as confidential and where required by law, records may be provided to third parties including government officials such as emergency officers and persons in charge of port locations to comply with the relevant state government directions. 

Getting help
If you are unsure about vaccination, please see the videos below which were recorded in a recent webinar with Dr Rob McCartney, an Occupational Physician engaged by UGL to provide our people with credible information about vaccination. 
Video 1 – Introduction to Dr Rob McCartney and information on current vaccines 
(4mins 59sec)
Video 2 – Safety and Effectiveness of Vaccines 
(3mins 24sec)
Video 3 – Common Myths about the Vaccines 
(4mins 25sec)
Video 4 – Benefits of Vaccination 
(4mins 10sec)
Video 5 – Q&A about Vaccination 
(6mins 24sec)

As a reminder our EAP service is available to you for support by calling 1800 056 076 in Australia or 0800644580 in New Zealand, or book at

Please continue to monitor local health advice and follow guidance. If you feel unwell, get tested and stay home. 

Stay well, whatever your location
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