Meet our people

At UGL, we believe success and value are driven by real teams where everyone has a role to play

Meet some of the team...

“The way I describe my job to my family and friends would be it's quite a diverse role where most importantly I am responsible for the safety of my people……. My job is mainly around customer satisfaction and looking after my workforce.”


Ryan Kumar, Delivery Manager

"Senior management have been instrumental in training me and pushing me in the direction I want to go."

Allison Seymour, Service Delivery Manager

"Within UGL I have had really strong support from senior management, they identified my key skills and helped me accelerate them"

Changi Jayathillake, Project Manager – Signalling

“The most interesting thing with my role is that every day is different, every job is different, I am still learning at this age.”

Ian Brooks, Chief Estimator

Ian began with UGL as an Electrician, nearly 50 years ago

“Internal transfers within UGL are encouraged.  I joined UGL delivering technology systems on a road tunnel project and I have had the privilege to have spent the last six years working on our power projects.”

An Vu, Project Manager

“Our team is a high functioning, fast paced team made up of engineers, estimators, bid managers and proposal coordinators. We've got a good diverse group of ages and genders and it’s a really well integrated team."


Monique Pridham, Senior Bid Manager

“I have been with UGL for 30 years starting back in 88 as a young project engineer and progressed to General Manager of Operations, and then taking on this role as Contract Director.”


Eugene Alessi, Contract Manager

“This is an exciting time at UGL, particularly when it comes to opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.”


Gningala YarranMark, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Coordinator
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