Aaron Bruchhauser

Aaron Bruchhauser is an engineering graduate in our transport team in Pymble, New South Wales.

He studied a double degree in physics and engineering at Macquarie University in Sydney, majoring in photonics and mechatronics, graduating in 2021.


Tell us about your first rotation

“My first rotation was in projects in Milperra, doing the digital train radio system (DTRS) handover for Sydney trains. Throughout that period I was doing asset handover, which involved running repairs on some of our on-train radio equipment. That was quite fun as it was hands on.”


Where did you go for your next rotation?

“I moved back to Pymble and did the Western Harbour tunnel southern tunnelling works. I oversaw a small package of emergency phones. As you drive through a tunnel you see a lot of phones every so often and that was what I was responsible for. I was also in charge of the bill of material for the comms package, I tracked the development of equipment that included the radio rebroadcast, public address system, and mobile phone system. I also had the opportunity to work on the M6 Stage 1 in Mascot. Being able to work on a large infrastructure project very early on in my career, was a great experience.”


Where are you now?

“My current rotation is in transport in rail maintenance in Kangy Angy on NSW’s Central Coast. My role as a junior engineer is to work on different projects across the site. In my first week, I learnt how to replace train doors and calibrate them so they close properly, along with lifting operations to lift them off the ground. It was quite enjoyable.”


What made you choose the CIMIC Group Graduate Program?

“I chose UGL because my family has a long history back to the steam era of working in the railways, and UGL is a market leader within this sector. When I travelled to university on the metro I would see UGL vans and trucks on the side of the road, and realised they were involved in rail. UGL also offered job security as they are established in the industry. To me they provided access to real engineering opportunities and that’s why I am at Kangy Angy. The beauty of engineering is if we see a problem, we learn how to fix the problem, and then go and fix the problem.”.


Any advice for our new graduates?

“Be open to any of the opportunities they you get offered. I had a choice of going to Melbourne, or not and I am glad I took that choice to go as I was given more to learn and saw much more. Working at a rail depot and walking along the tracks to go to a train, being able to experience being in a place that normally you are not allowed to go - that’s what it’s all about.”


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