Cassie Nason

Cassie saw signs around university, “Cross River Rail is coming!”, but apart from the improved public transport infrastructure, she didn’t think too much about it. 

“I started the graduate program last year and the first rotation was on Cross River Rail – I was so excited to be on a project of that size!

 “My role sat between the design team and the testing and commissioning teams. It was data focussed, ensuring we met all the information requirements for the project.” 

Carve your own journey

Over the two-year program, graduates will undertake two 12-month rotations with placements across the various lines of business. 

“I’ve had a lot of input into my rotations. I’ve voiced my interests, and the type of work I’d like to get involved in, and UGL have supported that.

“I’m now on a tender, still within transport, but I moved across to do more of the design which is what I wanted. I’m really enjoying it so far!

“Once you’re here, the world is your oyster. UGL is very diverse and varied in the work that they do. 

My advice would be to just go ahead and apply for the program! I’ve had such a good experience so far and everyone’s been so supportive!"

Support network

“There is a large network of engineers here, many of whom also went through the graduate program. It’s great to have a group of people to ask daft questions to, throw off ideas and make friends. I feel what really improves my experience as a grad is being able to have a good group of friends and people who I am able to talk to.”

Why UGL?

“I knew someone who was already doing the graduate program and they were really enjoying it. I did a bit more research and saw that there were so many different lines of business and so many projects. 

“UGL was appealing because they do end-to-end solutions, which means that on a project, you can do design, construct and commission. At Cross River Rail we’ve been part of it from the start and we’re going to take it right through to the end. Following those phases, we also have the operations and maintenance side of some projects, so I think it’s really interesting in that way.”

UGL Finance team

Employee benefits

At UGL we value our people and provide a range of benefits to help you look after yourself and your family as you build a rewarding career with us. We continually develop our benefits program to ensure it stays relevant to our people. 

Unite with the very best

At any stage in your career, UGL provides scope to work with, and learn from, the best. We create pathways for you to succeed, and we create the space for you to carve your own journey. Come work with the very best. 


Tailem bend solar farm team
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