James Littler - Maintenance Analyst, 2018 CIMIC Group graduate cohort

When he joined the CIMIC Group graduate program in 2017, James spent his first two rotations with Thiess; the first at a coal mine in central Queensland, and the second at the Thiess head office in Brisbane.
“I really enjoyed doing something different and taking advantage of the rotation system, so for my third rotation I wanted to move to UGL. I had a lot of support from my Thiess and UGL graduate coordinators to make the move across to UGL, and the transition was smooth.”

What made you join the CIMIC Group graduate program?

“I had a friend that went through the year before me in the Law stream. When the intake opened, I talked to her and she said the grad program was well structured and they have a rotation system where you get to try a bit of everything, which was really appealing. It sounded like they had their stuff together - it wasn’t just go in and sit in the corner making coffee and doing the photocopying. They had a full structure of what they wanted you to achieve and learn.”

James now has a permanent role with UGL’s Defence team in Rozelle, NSW planning and scheduling for the Australian Navy’s helicopter landing craft.

James Littler - UGL Graduate
“Being a small team it’s a bit of everything, it’s not just a small wheel in a big machine - I feel very involved."


What did you like most about the graduate program?

“It’s interesting talking to the different people across all levels of the CIMIC Group companies, and through that, it helped with my decision on where to go next.”

What advice would you give to people looking to join the CIMIC Group graduate program?

“If you’re keen and willing to do the work then there’s nothing stopping you doing any job you want."

Can you share any wisdom for our new 2020 cohort?

“Take advantage of the rotation cycle because you don’t know, you night stumble across something that you really like. You can potentially work in 3 different companies and develop some great relationships which will help you in the future."

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