Toby Sullivan

Toby is a skilled electrician, adventurer and site morale officer at UGL.

Joining UGL in 2018, Toby holds the position of a skilled electrician in the utilities substation crew. His job involves travelling to various destinations in Australia fulfilling his desire to explore, but also includes the important responsibility of serving as a 'site morale officer' as part of the UGL Peer Support program.


When you started with UGL what were you employed as?

“As an electrician, I was working offshore at the time and my mate had started with UGL, he called me and said we’ve got a job starting in Townsville, do you want to come work at home? (My home is in Townsville) Yes! I started in Townsville and have seen everything but Townsville since!”


What project are you on currently?

“I am in Cairns on a switch yard build which is a brownfield site. My job changes from month to month and I get to travel, you are never doing the same thing, so variety is good. My last big job was in Blackwater, and we kept getting echidnas in the trenches, so you would be pulling stuff up and then, ‘ok let’s stop for this little guy’.”


What has been your most memorable project you have been part of?

“I believe all FIFO (fly in fly out) work has been a great experience as I got to upskill on each project. The projects are often located in remote areas, but this gives you the opportunity to venture out and explore on your days off. During my time in Western Australia for a particular project, I had the chance to visit beautiful locations like the Pilbara and Rottnest Island, it was a great advantage to see places you wouldn’t normally see. Both were truly remarkable.”


Have you taken on any additional responsibilities in your role?

“Recently I volunteered to be part of the Peer Support program, an initiative to provide support to the crew I closely collaborate with. It allows me to offer guidance and assistance, contributing to brightening someone’s day. I refer to myself as a ‘site moral officer’, which gives me another reason to engage in conversations and connect with everyone onsite.”


What advice would you give someone who is looking to start at UGL?

“Be open-minded to learning new skills and flexible to travel as you get to see a fair bit while you are travelling around the country. Everyone I work with are a great bunch of people, I also spend time outside of work with them, the work family is pretty great at UGL.”

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