Julianna Ma

Julianna Ma is an Electrical Engineer at one of our rail sites in NSW.

“I chose to join UGL because it’s a global company that works in many sectors. If you want to grow your career in different industries, you have so many opportunities to do so, which is invaluable.

“UGL is also very supportive of females whether you’re starting as an apprentice or in a professional role in an operations or heavy maintenance, or in a leadership role.”

First day at UGL

“My manager gave me a site induction in the areas that were relevant to my role emphasising on the importance of the safety culture. It’s one of UGL’s core Principles and it’s embedded into our daily roles.”

What I love about my role at UGL

“The team culture – everyone helping each other out and everyone having the mentality of ‘mates looking after mates’, not only from a safety point of view but knowledge sharing too. Every day is different, the variety of work in my role can vary from meeting with customers, suppliers, reviewing and updating formal reports to faulting finding on the trains and participating in static, dynamic and operational testing.”  

Working for UGL

“You are not limited to the work you are assigned. There are areas of improvement and optimisation work in your daily role, if you are proactive. 

"From a work-life balance perspective, UGL has always provided me the flexibility when I needed it to look after my son.”

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