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noviembre 12, 2021
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At UGL, we believe success and value are driven by teams where everyone has a role to play. The amazing work of our employees reinforces why UGL is a great place to work. We are passionate about what we do, delivering the best for our clients, and celebrating those successes.
“I’m stoked to receive recognition for my innovative thinking whilst working on the CRR project. Being part of UGL’s CRR team and the CIMIC graduate program has been a great start to my career. I look forward to the future of problem solving, spreadsheets and engineering!” - Cassio Da Silva, Graduate Electrical Engineer – Cross River Rail

Joining UGL through the CIMIC Group Graduate program in 2020, Cassio works on the Cross River Rail (CRR) TSD project. An innovative thinker, Cassio has developed two influential solutions to improve efficiency and productivity.

Managing the electrical calculations for four new underground train stations, Cassio developed an excel workbook for each station that combined the asset register with other fundamental M&E system calculations. This single-source workbook improved efficiency and removed some of the risks in managing inputs and updates from the different teams.

Cassio’s workbook has been recommended for future projects.

In response to a project delay, Cassio suggested splitting the main Low Voltage (LV) system into six distribution boards instead of four. Moving the initial four distribution boards saved time with the installation of the LV by allowing it to commence earlier. The advantage of the additional two distribution boards eliminated the issue of voltage drop and provided local distribution boards for the air-conditioning cooling towers located on the roof. The proposed LV system change was also accompanied by a redesign of the station’s two lowest levels. By combining these levels into one, Cassio removed a significant amount of complexity, time and cost to the project while at the same time creating space for the relocated LV systems.

The Cross River Rail Tunnel, Stations and Development (TSD) is being delivered by the PULSE consortium, led by CIMIC Group companies UGL, CPB Contractors, and Pacific Partnerships, with international partners DIF, BAM and Ghella.

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