A win at the NASCA Indigenous Games

abril 21, 2022
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Partnerships

UGL recently competed in NASCA’s inaugural TIG (Traditional Indigenous Games) Corporate Challenge 2022. NASCA is an Indigenous led organisation that empowers young people to be resilient, successful and self-determine their futures.

These events highlights how NASCA empowers young people to lead the way. The TIG event was an opportunity to appreciate and learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture, and encouraged teamwork, problem solving and physical activity for overall wellbeing. 

The day involved participating in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander games that have been preserved from their respected communities and are now making their way back into schools, community events and the lives of First Nations people all across the continent.  

Ron Jones, UGL Aboriginal Engagement Manager (East) said,

”It was an amazing celebration of everything that makes NASCA so important for our communities and our young people. It took a few days for me to recover but it was the result of a great afternoon!”

Thank you to the UGL DTRS and APT projects for joining this community and cultural immersion event. 

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