Integra Ecosystem

Integra® is UGL’s advanced suite of integrated Operations Management Control Systems (OMCS) software applications across multiple market verticals.

It is built using UGL’s 25+ years system integration experience combined with the expertise of a proven international digital transformation partner.

Integra provides:
  • comprehensive control of tunnel, motorway, rail, smart cities, and utility management systems
  • unmatched security, stability, speed, scalability, and resilience.

This state-of-the art, user-friendly and innovative UGL system is designed to streamline control and operations management – so that you can work with confidence.


Integra brochure

Key features

Unified view UX Manages and monitors data from multiple sub-systems like TMCS (traffic, electronic signage etc.), PMCS (lighting, ventilation, etc.) from a single screen i.e. single pane of glass view. 
Real-time response/ granular monitoring Architecture achieves < 1s (or sub-second) response times to field changes where the end device/ protocol supports the framework.
Open BIS ecosystem connectivity BIS interfaces use standard APIs to develop plug ins to the management infrastructure.
Cutting edge hosting platforms Provides the best-in-the-market hosting platforms, catered to handle the required availability and downtime targets of mission critical systems.

(Cloud based solutions are an advanced feature.)

Future-focussed digital/ technology partnership Platform is designed in conjunction with a proven international digital partner specialising in future-focussed IT digital transformations and product development, with over 700+ IT engineers.
IOT and smart cities enabled platform System design enables an IoT dashboard view incorporating artificial intelligence (AI).
Mobile platform System design enables support for mobile solutions.
End-to-end ecosystem stack Enabled with partnerships with proven technology vendors to provide a fully integrated system with evolving technologies for continued growth and success.
Service oriented open architecture Built on a SOA framework that provides seamless connectivity to various BIS systems (hosted on premise or in the cloud) like asset management, transport predictions, AI/ML predictive maintenance, IOT platform etc.

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