Integrated digital platform delivering an intelligent solution for central operations control, M&E plant monitoring, train management and signalling control (powered by SigView).

Sophisticated automation system that controls and monitors building HVAC, MVAC, security, and other M&E systems.

Smart Central Control System (CCS), Train Management System (TMS) and Plant Management System (PMCS) for rail applications

Smart Central Control System ensures seamless rail operations, including real‑time control mechanisms and data for various diverse systems by providing a digital layer of intelligence enabling improved performance, increased capacity and managed disruption.

Key features

About aspenOne Infoplus.21

UGL has selected aspenOne Infoplus.21 as INTEGRA’s enterprise historian and RDBMS because of its raw performance metrics, sophisticated big data analytics toolkit, fast sampling rate and robust security profile.

Produced by Aspen Technologies, it is internationally regarded as amongst the top three enterprise historians for mission critical applications.


About Sigview (PcVue)

UGL has selected SigView (powered by PcVue) as INTEGRA’s SCADA RDBMS for Train Control Applications because of its proven use in train control applications in the APAC region, support for a range of data acquisition formats, and its performance metrics.

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