Employee benefits

We offer diverse and fulfilling career-life journeys with endless opportunities across industries and responsibilities. 

Your career with UGL can be long, challenging and rewarding. We give you opportunities to grow, back yourself and achieve. 77% of our top 200 leaders were promoted internally reinforcing our commitment around building and retaining our talent
At each stage in your career, UGL provides scope to work with, and learn from, the best. We create pathways for you to succeed, and the space for you to carve your own journey.


Helping you grow

Annual development planning

We provide transparent career pathways for you to build and plan your journey. Understanding where you want to go allows you to design your professional development path to achieve your next step.

Leadership training

Whether you are a frontline supervisor, senior leader or an executive, at UGL you will receive tailored training, career challenges and learning experiences that help you develop your skills at every level in your leadership journey. 

Professional memberships

We reimburse personal professional registration, membership or fees that support our employee’s growth.

Supporting your wellbeing

Our agility is matched by our flexibility and how we support people's lives at work and outside of work.

“A few years ago I became the primary carer for my young daughter. UGL were great and offered me a more flexible roster which means I can get my daughter to before school care and pick her up each day.”

Christian Massoni, Electrician

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