From water and wastewater treatment plants to pipelines and networks, our end-to-end offer takes clients from concept design through to operations and maintenance.

Our team’s extensive experience enables us to leverage proven process and system integration expertise to optimise whole-of-life solutions – achieving the greatest value at the lowest risk.

Our in-house engineering capability maximises innovation from the outset, ensuring responsive solutions tailored to client requirements. This includes drawing on the latest technologies through our network of proprietary technology providers.

Operations and maintenance programs then become the critical influencer of long-term value and performance certainty. Our delivery model further extends integration benefits, giving clients direct access to our in-house engineering knowledge alongside flexible contracts and expert workforce solutions.

Our ultimate goal is to position clients for unmatched efficiency, resulting in better throughput and customer service.

Our expertise covers the following areas of the water sector: 

  • water & wastewater treatment
  • pipelines
  • networks


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