Conor Peers - Graduate Electrical Engineer, 2018 CIMIC Group graduate cohort

Conor Peers is a Graduate Electrical Engineer and joined the CIMIC Group graduate program as part of the 2018 cohort.

“I don’t have a typical day, we’re always dealing with new challenges. That’s part of what makes it interesting – there’s never a dull moment”

The CIMIC Group graduate program offers three 8-month rotations which graduates can work across projects, sectors and possibly operating companies within the Group in Australia. 

Why did you choose the CIMIC graduate program?

“This program is different in that it gives you more opportunities. With 3 different rotations in the 2 years, the experience you get in such a short space of time is so much more than any other company can offer. It really stands out.”


What have you enjoyed most about the rotations we offer?

“It’s very rewarding – I’ve seen a lot of places I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’ve spent time in an office in the city, a mine in far north Queensland and a construction project in the desert in South Australia. It is challenging, but it’s a good experience and I wouldn’t change it!”

What do you enjoy about working at UGL?

“My managers and the wider team have been such a valuable support and mentoring network. The supervisors and project managers are always happy to chat, offer advice and point me in the right direction. We also have a really good graduate network and feel we support each other really well. It’s so easy to reach out to other grads if you have any questions.”

What advice would you give to people looking to join the CIMIC Group graduate program?

“Do it! You’ll never look back; it’s a huge opportunity and you will grow really quickly. It sets you up to carry on with the company and continue your career. Now I’m coming to the end, I don’t feel like that’s it and I’m left on my own – I’ve got a network of people across the business that will support me. “

Can you share any wisdom for our new 2020 cohort?

“It’s important to get out there and get out of your comfort zone, because that’s probably when I had the best experiences.”

Conor was awarded the runner-up in the Engineering category for UGL as part of the CIMIC Group Graduate of the Year Award for 2019, recognising the exceptional achievements of our graduates, in engineering and other professional disciplines.

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