Mohmed Elyoussef - HSEQ Graduate, 2018 CIMIC Group graduate cohort

Mohmed Elyoussef is a Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Graduate and joined the CIMIC Group graduate program as part of the 2018 cohort.

The CIMIC Group graduate program offers three 8-month rotations which graduates can work across projects, sectors, operating companies within the Group in Australia.

Why did you choose the CIMIC graduate program?

“When I was doing my research, CIMIC Group was always mentioned amongst the top graduate employers. They have a good reputation, flexibility, and they were interested in boosting my career and that was the start I wanted.”

What have you enjoyed most about the rotations we offer?

“I wanted to move around and try a few things out, and that’s the beauty of this graduate program. I was able to experience working in the corporate head office, a divisional head office and on a remote project site. I got a taste of 3 different scenarios and found the one I enjoyed the most.

“I’m originally from Western Australia, but for my first rotation I was offered a role in New South Wales. I had never lived out of home, so it was a big change. I was very well supported, during that time. It developed me as a young man. 

“My second was in Victoria, but ultimately I wanted to get back to Perth. It was easy to work with the business to see what opportunities were available over there and secure the move back.”

What do you enjoy about working at UGL?

“I’ve enjoyed the variety of roles I’ve had. In Perth alone I’ve worked on a major turnaround project, with a core maintenance team on site, as well as being part of a brownfields execution team (BET) on a construction project. 

“I really look up to my colleagues on site. There are a few people I always try to spend time with and pick their brains. They speak to me about how to progress my career, the speedbumps I may face and how to deal with them. UGL sets you up for success, they give you the foundations.”

What advice would you give to people looking to join the CIMIC Group graduate program?

“Just say yes, take the challenge on and push yourself!”

Can you share any wisdom for our new 2020 cohort?

“Be yourself, and don’t be scared to ask questions. In my experience, and I’ve been a part of three different teams, everyone’s always very open to questions.

“Also, I don’t make it a secret that I want to progress further in my career, and I get a lot of support with that. People really want to see you succeed.

“At the CIMIC Group graduate induction they said ‘you guys are our future business leaders’, and they really mean that. That’s the best thing about this program; if you apply yourself, you really can accelerate your career and go further.”

Mohmed was awarded the runner-up in the functional category for UGL as part of the CIMIC Group Graduate of the Year Award for 2019, recognising the exceptional achievements of our graduates, in engineering and other professional disciplines.

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