1905: Goninan site
1905: Goninan workforce
1920: Broadmeadow machine shop
Goninan's history

Goninan's history

Alfred Goninan initially set-up shop as General Engineers and Agricultural Implement Makers, with just 12 employees. In 1900, the first major job was for 100 (eight ton) coal wagons for Rhondda Colliery. Within two years the total workforce grew to 90. The fortnightly wages bill was in excess of £250 – more than $36,000 in today’s money.

1905 saw the business incorporated as a company as ‘A. Goninan & Co. Limited.’

In October 1919, Goninan took ownership of the Broadmeadow site, previously a copper smelter owned by the English and Australian Copper Company.

By 1923, leading engineers considered the Broadmeadow site as the best layout in the Commonwealth. This was due in part to the acquisition of cutting-edge machinery.

Goninan Bridge Corporation Limited formed in 1924 to quote on a cantilever design for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Between the 1950s and 1980s, most people in Australia were using products made by Goninan such as riding on public transport, sugar for their coffee, the lining in refrigerators and plastic margarine tubs.

In 1999, Goninan was bought by United Constructions. Over the next few years, the company name changed to United Goninan, to United Group Rail, then finally to UGL in 2012. UGL became a member of CIMIC Group in 2017, and today is the Group’s market leader in end-to-end engineering, services and operations solutions.
1926: 12½ ton Coal hopper
1928: 25 Ton K wagon
1930: locomotive boiler
1954: 1600HP diesel electric locomotive
1971: 47 Class locomotive
1977: Double deck EMU SLR model
1936: Machine shop employees
Broadmeadow: 1925 vs 2019
2019: Broadmeadow employees