It takes two teams to tango - crane operation safety

February 03, 2022
  • Engineering design

When it comes to critical lifts, UGL construction teams are supported by an in-house engineering team with a full safety review.

In addition to the UGL engineering ‘safety in design’ processes, our Structural Engineering team provides ‘crane coordinator’ as a service, enhancing critical crane lift safety. This includes a review of crane capacity, lifting equipment and ground conditions.

UGL mobile cranes and lifting equipment guidelines classify the following types of lifts as significant lifts:

  • exceeds gross weight of 20 tonnes
  • requires two or more cranes
  • involves lifting over operational plant
  • exceeds 75% of crane’s rated capacity
  • lifting tilt-up or precast panels
  • turning or flipping the load
  • lifting in poor ground conditions
  • lifting a person in a box.

Lifting studies are prepared by the crane operator and reviewed by the crane coordinator. This additional interaction between design and construction helps all members ensure our critical lifts are undertaken safely and proceed smoothly.

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