Thinking outside of the box

April 27, 2023
  • Awards

Creating an innovative solution and improving safety for our employees, SMP Supervisor Michael Darcy and his team came up with an idea after a work-site injury.

While testing a portable fire water monitor, part of the outlet section became loose and struck the employee in the chest and face.

To stop this from happening again, Michael and his team designed a bracket made from stainless steel to stop the inadvertent release of the outlet section, which has proven to be effective.

The simple solution provides peace of mind that a hazard can be avoided and all fire monitor across the site can easily be fitted with the bracket.

It’s a perfect example of being proactive in addressing hazards and using resources effectively.

Well done to Michael Darcy, Gene Mattson, Brett Smith, Craig Brown, Matthew Stoneley, Anthony McNaughton, Keith Shailer, Ross Bodger, Ben Wooding, and Scott Warrener on using innovation to ensure the highest standard of safety.

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