INTEGRA Smart Operations Ecosystem


Integrated managed motorway digital platform for highways, road tunnel traffic and plant infrastructure


Sophisticated automation system that controls and monitors building HVAC, MVAC, security, and other M&E systems.

Smart traffic management, plant management and managed motorway ITS applications

Key features
  • Integrated GIS mapping
  • Advanced incident/ motorway management engine
  • Electronic VMS, VSLS, LUMS sign management
  • Intelligent traffic counting & AID detection
  • Rule-based dynamic speed limiting and interlocking
  • Advanced traffic plans management engine
  • Queue management
  • Compliant to C2C/ S2S framework
  • Incident logging lifecycle management (IL2C)
  • Business intelligence system
  • Ventilation, drainage, HVAC, MVAC, lighting management
  • BMS, security, CCTV, communications, HV, LV electrical management