UGL Regional Linx (UGLRL) is strongly committed to establishing, maintaining, and progressing a well-developed, inclusive and regionally based workforce throughout NSW. Our commitment to regional NSW has seen skilled employees move to the regions, whilst simultaneously cementing a local workforce, supporting families and communities. UGLRL has established a new industry in Orange NSW, a location which is strategically positioned towards the centre of the Country Regional Network (CRN). 

We have placed 58 candidates since contract commencement on 30 January 2022, with 94.7% of our employees living and working on the CRN. In our first year of operation, UGLRL, with the assistance of training providers, has delivered close to 700 individual training courses. This equates to almost three training courses per employee at UGLRL. We are committed to equipping our people to support the CRN, developing a long-standing skills legacy in regional areas.