Construction and Commissioning
Melbourne Water Corporation

The ETP previously supplied about 22 billion litres of ‘Class C’ recycled water per year. Melbourne Water required an upgrade to improve the quality of recycled water to ‘Class A’, for use in wider applications such as watering sports grounds, toilet flushing and irrigating vegetables.

The project objectives were to:

  • upgrade the ETP to include advanced tertiary treatment
  • significantly improve the quality of water discharged and address identified impacts in the marine environment
  • enable the production of a high quality recycled water product that is fit for purpose.

Project details

UGL, with Alliance partners delivered seven new structures over approximately six hectares of land within the existing ETP boundary.

The upgrade included an ATTP based on ozone and biological media filtration treatment, coupled with ultraviolet disinfection.

The scope of work included:

  • tertiary supply pumping station
  • ozonation plant
  • biological media filtration with 32 filter cells
  • UV system
  • chlorine disinfection system including chlorine contact basins
  • residuals handling system including Lamella thickening system
  • high voltage electrical sub-stations and power cabling
  • instrumentation and control systems
  • documentation and training
  • accreditation and endorsement

Melbourne Water Eastern Treatment Plant is one of the most sophisticated facilities of its kind in the world. The plan processes 40% of Melbourne’s sewage, treated to high water quality standard and is delivering benefits for recycling reuse and the marine environment.

As a member of the Eastern Tertiary Alliance, UGL provided:

  • process design reviews as well as detail design and detail design review
  • construction management and supervision
  • procurement services
  • commissioning
  • alliance management
  • financial and administrative management
  • management of establishment target costs
  • contract administration
  • quality assurance and control services
  • safety management
  • process control
  • The implementation of an innovative solution on the chlorine contact basin (CCB) with a dual-purpose baffle. This provides flow distribution and structural support for a fixed roof, and an HDPE liner to enable simplified replacement with minimal interfaces between liner and structures. Because of this integrated approach savings were realised in construction time and costs, as well as whole-of-life operating savings for Melbourne Water.
  • 2014 Australian Engineering Excellence Award Engineers Australia
  • 2014 Project Innovation Award – Design The International Water Association (Asia Pacific Regional)
  • 2013 GWI Global Water/Wastewater Project of the Year
  • 2012 Culture Transformation Awards Human Synergistics (The International Desalination Association)
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