Shoalhaven District, NSW
Asset Management
Upgrades and Overhauls


Due to floods that damaged the roads, our team deferred the 2022 outage to 2023. The key to making the outage a success for UGL and the client, was working cohesively with contractors and suppliers already working and those yet to be familiarised onsite. UGL engaged with Origin’s project representatives continually to deliver milestones especially during the disassembly, removal, and transportation of the Main Inlet Valve (MIV) off-site for refurbishment by other contractors.

Scope of Work

The overhaul of BPS unit 1 included, but was not limited to:

· The major overhaul of the unit and its associated equipment, including interpreting and incorporating Origin’s original equipment drawings, specifications, maintenance instructions and multipart directives from Origin and its representatives

·Replacing and calibration of instrumentation

·Cleaning, measuring, and recording of all components requested by Origin

·Overhaul of generator 16kV pneumatic Isolator’s

·Rotor pole inspection and Rotor pole removal, Offsite refurbishment, and subsequent installation.

·Replacement of Generator Cooling Water (CW), lube oil and cooling air fan contactor and thermal overloads.

·Upgrade of condition monitoring system mercury in steel (MIS) to resistance temperature detector’s (RTD).  

To ensure project is informed, efficient and on track.

UGL conducted miscellaneous planned maintenance routines within the station as well as additional maintenance assistance provided at Kangaroo Valley Power Station on unit 3 & 4, completed in January 2024.

During the outage, other works need to be executed at BPS, and the key to this was UGL working closely with the other parties as per Origin’s standards and works agreements.

UGL also collaborated with subcontractors nominated to deliver the Load Commutator Inverter (LCI) upgrade and replace the input and output transformers and associated cabling and recommissioning and subcontractors assigned to work on Bendeela Station Generator Step Up Transformer (GSUT) replacement, 8kV starting circuit breaker, and associated site works.
Main Inlet Valve (MIV) returning to site after refurbishment.
The Blanking Dome installed on Unit 1 Penstock by the UGL Industrials Services team allows the BPS Unit 2 to Return to Service (RTS).
Lower Turbine Cover being transported to the Turbine Level for installation.

Project highlights

UGL implemented a self-perform strategy prioritising field efficiencies and cost-effective solutions for Origin. UGL’s skilled outage management team and experienced lead technicians, with extensive hydro and rotating plant experience, executed this methodology.

Highlights of the solutions also include:

· A challenge with GSUT (Generator step-up transformer) was being able to access through the rear doors, UGL’s highly skilled rigging and scaffold team devised a way to safely and efficiently extend the access doorway to ensure the GSUT schedule remained on time.

·Safety issues with weight and ergonomics when removing runner drain pipework in the draft tube area. UGL’s engineering team designed and manufactured jacking stands so the pipework could be removed and installed safely, efficiently and with an improved quality of installation.

The team ensured the quality of workmanship aligned with the technical demands and complexity of this project, delivering optimal results. The complexity of the requisite outage overhaul and maintenance scope of works, combined with the remote geographical location of the assets, presented an opportunity for UGL and Origin to collaborate. UGL, with our experienced local management and workforce team, worked in partnership to deliver a service framework that prioritised communication, innovative approaches, and transparency in decision-making. 

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