Construction and Commissioning
Public Utilities Board

Woodleigh Waterworks, located in the Central Eastern side of Singapore Island, has a total output capacity of 200 ML/d. The plant currently operates conventional drinking water treatment process of clarification, filtration and chlorination. In its continual efforts to provide quality water to Singapore’s growing population, PUB intends to improve Woodleigh Waterworks by providing additional treatment processes – Ozonation and Biologically Activated Carbon (BAC) filters – to enhance the plant’s treatment robustness.

Project details

The upgrades will allow the facility to remain resilient to variations in raw feed water quality and as well as to bring new cost efficiencies to help manage rising cost pressures.

While the existing water treatment process at Woodleigh (i.e. clarification, filtration, chlorination) already meets local and WHO drinking water quality standards, the new water treatment processes (Ozonation and BAC Filters) will improve the drinking water supply quality to a superior standard.

UGL was awarded the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) contract at the Woodleigh Waterworks by PUB.

The Woodleigh project comprises:

  • the construction of process upgrades and equipment replacement and
  • maintenance services of the new equipment

UGL is performing a full spectrum of works including:

  • civil and structural engineering
  • architectural design
  • piping and mechanical
  • electrical and instrumentation

Construction works

UGL has developed a detailed construction program to deliver the works.

  • process upgrade scope
  • relift pumping station
  • ozone generation and PORT tanks
  • BAC filters
  • sludge waste main piping
  • yard piping
  • other upgrades within the existing Woodleigh plant
  • equipment replacements
  • lime and fluoride dosing system
  • replacement of treated water pump sets
  • replacement of lifting equipment
  • miscellaneous equipment replacements (diesel generators, transformers, MCCs, MSB, DBs).

Maintenance services

Following completion of the construction works, UGL will undertake maintenance services of the new equipment installed for a 2-year period.

The new process upgrades will provide Woodleigh Waterworks plant with higher capabilities and increased robustness in water treatment technology and processes.

Key successes include:

  • biological removal of a portion of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) including taste and odour compounds
  • disinfection of Cryptosporidium, Giardia and other viruses
  • out-of-specification water diversion
  • post chemical addition in stabilising water in mitigating corrosion in network
  • less backwashing requirement and savings in wash water
  • improvement in filtered water quality
  • 600,000 hours worked to date, LTI free.
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