Regional Australia
Construction and Commissioning

Work at each of the ten sites around remote, regional Australia was conducted in three phases of approximately three weeks each. Overlapping teams were working at up to three sites at once and were able to complete work on the twenty antennas in a year.

Scope of work

Work began with the staging of ten 40-foot shipping containers with a 4.5-tonne telehandler. A 100-tonne mobile crane was used to set steel risers on concrete footings. 13.5 metre diameter reflectors were built up on the ground using a vehicle-loading crane, telehandler and a 20-tonne Franna. After ground-level photogrammetry alignment of the reflectors was completed, the crane was called in a second time to lift and set the 8-tonne structure onto the turning head. A second round of photogrammetric alignment with the antennas at look angle ensured integrity of the thirty-six panels making up the reflectors.

Integration involved the population and cabling of eleven 45RU, 19-inch cabinets inside satellite facility terrestrial, and the smaller cabinets inside the antenna hubs. 

Optical fibre, ethernet, air hose for the dehydrator and 96 lengths of LDF4-50 coaxial cable were hauled through conduits from under the base of each riser to surge protection panels on the TER inside the building, and from the panels to cabinets, with every length of coax terminated and swept at intermediate frequency (IF) for insertion and return loss. Earth cables in lightning protected system were bonded by CADWELD to the steel structure.

The telehandler and 80-foot self-propelled Elevated Work Platform (EWP) from the first phase are kept on-site for use by integration crew.

Commissioning involved the confirmation of elevation and azimuth hard and soft limits, transmit and receive pathways and night time EWP work for the sub-reflector alignment. System functionality, including, mechanical and control system and power control, was tested and verified over a week in the presence of NBN Co.

  • Installing the largest Ka-band satellite network in the country
  • Delivering leading-edge technology in high-tech ultra-secure facilities
  • Federal Safety Commissioner (FSC) accreditation.
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