Central Coast, NSW
Construction and Commissioning

The project has been jointly funded by the federal government, NSW government and Telstra.

UGL was engaged by Telstra to install mobile phone base stations within the Sydney Trains rail corridor. A challenging environment which required teams to adhere to the constraints of working around rail, but also delaying assets within a rail-controlled setting. 

UGL’s experience in the Rail Corridor positions us as the right partner to complete the work on time. UGL’s expert team are engaging with Sydney Trains, Telstra and where required specialised contractors to ensure we are all moving towards success. 

A weekend possession was completed, where the trains stopped to allow work in the corridor to proceed. Three more planned possessions saw UGL take full advantage of the unique opportunity to complete complex work. 

UGL has also been requested to take on extra work, including:

  • the finalising of three site designs
  • installation of cable trunking (pathway) along the rail corridor, and 
  • the completion of the optical fibre backbone.

Scope of work

3.6km of cable infrastructure in Boronia and Woy Woy rail tunnels

Construction and testing of 11 macro sites

Finalising design on 3 macro sites

Completing the optical fibre connectivity between the sites and Telstra’s exchange network

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