Kangy Angy
Transport for NSW
Key features

Key features

The fleet boasts the following features:

  • More space - wider seating with arm rests, tray tables and high seat backs
  • Improved access - including wheelchair access and accessible toilets
  • Added extras - charging ports for mobile devices, dedicated spaces for luggage, prams and bicycles
  • Improved customer information - through digital information screens and announcements, CCTV and help points.

Project details

UGL will be responsible for the maintenance and whole-of-life asset management of the 512 new carriages for 15 years once they are added to the NSW TrainLink Fleet. Futhermore, UGL will provide local support to its consortium partners throughout the design and testing phases of the project.

Whole‐of‐life asset management includes the development of a condition‐monitoring system to provide real‐time information on train performance. UGL teams will operate from several locations throughout the network to facilitate the timely repair of faults to improve the availability of the fleet.

UGL's maintenance and asset management will be based at a new purpose-built facility in Kangy Angy on NSW's Central Coast. The facility will feature multiple roads with a wash plant, wheel lathe and an undercover maintenance area. UGL will supply, install, integrate and commission the maintenance facility specialised train maintenance equipment and provide input into the facility's design. 

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Find your next opportunity with UGL